scared man at computer network security

How Scary Are Breaches in Network Security?

Terrifying. Horrific. Dreadful. Ghastly. Petrifying.

Even if we added more synonyms, it wouldn’t do it justice. Network security breaches are pretty much one of the worst things that can happen to your company, and if you’re not taking network security seriously, it’s time to look at a few possible (nay, probable) consequences to a data breach.

Network Security Breaches Can Shut You Down. Permanently.

Suppose an ambitious hacker breaks into your network. Why? Any reason in the world. Let’s just say; he decided he just doesn’t like you. So, he’s going to show you a thing or two. He slips into your network, finds all your files, and – ZOT – gone. Maybe he decided to implant a few destructive viruses so your network would destroy itself? Perhaps he thought it would be fun just to delete EVERYTHING. It doesn’t matter. He did it simply because he could. And now he’s giggling while you’re left with nothing. Many, MANY companies cannot recover from an attack like this, and have to close their doors forever. Getting scary yet?

Network Security Breaches Can Cost You A TON of Money.

Ever heard of a little thing called ransomware? Oh, it’s neat: it’s a program that captures ALL of your data, makes it completely inaccessible to you or anyone within your company, and refuses to release it until you pay a ridiculous amount of money for the release code. They also often tell you your data will be deleted instantly if the police are involved. So – guess what many businesses in that situation do? Yep, they pay the ransom – so that they can get back to work and not lose their business. Hackers, 2 – you, zilch.

Network Security Breaches Can Ruin Your Reputation.

Chances are good you retain or transfer many of your clients’ sensitive information – billing information, business transactions, etc. If that data experiences a breach and your clients found out – how likely are they to continue trusting you to care for their information in the future? History has already given us that answer – many companies who suffer sensitive data loss find themselves in hot water not only with their clients but also with the government. Does PCI DSS compliance ring a bell? Fall out of compliance with it due to a lack of network security, and you – my friend – are in a heap of trouble.

LUZ Technologies Can Protect You Against Network Security Breaches.

Now that we’re all done scaring the ever-loving life out of you, you can breathe easy. It’s time to be proactive. We’re very, very good at protecting organizations like yours against network security breaches, and we can make some fantastic protection for yours, too. Reach out to us, and we’ll formulate a plan that will help you sleep easy at night knowing your data is safe.