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The Top 4 IT Solutions Your Business Needs for Security

Security is big news these days. Without proper IT solutions in place, who’s to say your company is safe? Honestly, if you aren’t taking your security into account, you’re painting a target on your business. Hackers are always on the look out for sitting ducks, and without the proper security solutions in place – that sitting duck is you. Luckily, LUZ brings you four IT solutions you can use to protect yourself.


IT Solutions #1 – Risk Management Dashboard

For many companies, file sharing is an important part of production. Unfortunately, sharing files can let in threats that have the potential to destroy your infrastructure and steal your data. It’s tough for companies to establish a common framework needed to normalize data that supports large file sharing. According to Microsoft, a good Risk Management Dashboard should:

  • Aggregate, normalize, and correlate data from disparate sources
  • Provide automated information gathering and risk assessment
  • Map regulatory requirements to policies, support auditing, and reporting
  • Provide a unified framework that can be modified to fit business needs


IT Solutions #2 –  Anti-Malware Technologies

Nearly everyone who owns a computer has heard of malware and anti-malware software. Anti-Malware technology protects your infrastructure against unknown threats that may be hiding in code or user actions. Both anti-virus and anti-spyware monitor your infrastructure in real-time by watching classic entry points, periodically scanning and reporting known and unknown malware and typical risky behavior. Anti-malware technology should cover more than just host security, though. A good anti-malware solution should watch all forms of collaboration including instant messaging. It must constantly be updated to provide the best possible prevention.


IT Solutions #3 – Network Anomaly Detection

This IT solution works with the Risk Management Dashboard to report threats. A network anomaly detection solution monitors common pathways to watch for well-known indicators of suspicious behaviors and reports those threats back to the Risk Management Dashboard. This provides an early warning to threats so users can remediate them before they become a problem to your network. Having network anomaly detection is useful for industries who need to protect information in an environment concerned about data leaks and regulatory compliance.


IT Solutions #4 – Desired Configuration Management

Businesses realize a slew of benefits from system configuration. Some advantages companies see are

  • Ease of management
  • Simplified Scalability
  • Ensuring Compliance
  • Lockdown against intrusion
  • Increased productivity

Many companies decide to opt out of this IT solution because it’s costly and complicated to implement. Unfortunately, for them, having a system that configures your network to it’s desired state can save businesses money in the long run due to its reliability. How it works is relatively simple. The solution automatically scans the network to assure new systems are deployed correctly and in compliance. It configures and analyzes your systems, and then generates reports on how close they are to ideal. Any new or unknown systems are automatically blocked until validated.


LUZ and FireEye have teamed up to make sure your network is as secure as possible. Give them a call and transform your business from a sitting duck to a protected organization.