Stress Less When Working Remotely

It’s that time again the moment in the morning where we wake up and get ready to start our day. We all have our own specific morning routine, and we all have that final destination – work. Numerous studies show that job stress is far and away the major source of work-related stress for American adults, and that it has progressively escalated over the past few decades. According  to the The American Institute of Stress the leading cause of major stress is their workload, roughly 46%, and is continuing to grow. Remote work is disrupting the traditional technology industry “9-5” industry. You can still reach high business standards and continue down the road to a healthier you while working remotely.

Benefits of Working Remotely

Less Stress

Daryl Wilkinson, group head of digital development at Nationwide Building Society, said he wanted to encourage remote working to empower his staff and as a demonstration to the rest of the company. “There’s less stress in the office and the workplace — people feel empowered to work in a way that suits them and suits the business.”

Companies Benefit As A Whole

Companies who have happier employees tend to be more profitable. Employees who love their work and can produce the same level of quality are able to impact their employers in a positive way. They work harder, work longer, and actually produce more quality work.

No More Commuting

Even before the workday starts, telecommuting employees are better off than their physical commuting colleagues. According to the UK Office of National Statistics, “Commuters have lower life satisfaction, a lower sense that their daily activities are worthwhile, lower levels of happiness and higher anxiety on average than non- commuters.”

Stress Less with LUZ Technologies

At LUZ Technologies, we know IT might seem a little overwhelming, and we want to provide you with worry-free IT and network security solutions. Get in touch with us, and see what we can do for you!

How Technology is Allowing More People to Work Remotely

Ahh, to work remotely – it’s the new American Dream. The opportunity to simply slide out of bed in the morning, get dressed and ready, and sit down at your own home computer is incredibly appealing to many modern-day workers. While it’s still technically in its genesis, those who work from home are becoming more and more commonplace. Here’s how:

Work Remotely from the Cloud.

Nowadays, you’re not restricted to leaving all (or any!) of your work files on your office desktop. Just by logging in, you can access your cloud hard drive from anywhere, download or upload any file you like, and work remotely regardless of where you might be. Plus, having your work in the cloud protects your files against hard drive corruption or any other local issue that may have caused problems in the past.

Work Remotely and Collaborate.

Another great technological modern marvel is the ability to collaborate, brainstorm, even socialize with your coworkers when you work remotely from anywhere. With today’s online collaboration software, you don’t even need to download anything: just go to the website, sign in, and there’s your team! Send chat messages, videos, links, images, documents, and any type of file you may wish to share, and they’ll see it instantly. Feedback comes more quickly than ever, and you’re left with a great deal of productivity.

Work Remotely and Stay Organized.

Afraid something might fall through the cracks when you work remotely? There’s online work organization software, too. Simply sign in from wherever you might be, click on your assignments for the day, and get to work! If you happen to miss something, the online program will give you a reminder. Most in-house offices aren’t even this efficient!

LUZ Technologies has Solutions to Allow Your Team to Work Remotely.

With all this incredible technology that allows you to work remotely, who needs an office anymore? It can quickly become a reality for you and your team. Give us a quick call, and we’ll be happy to show you all the things we can do to keep your business productive no matter where your coworkers may be!

Smartphone Users Beware – Tips to Keep Your Information Safe

Recently the leading smartphone maker made the news for refusing to turn over backdoor access to their mobile devices to a federal agency. 

The reality is that mobile devices are already easily compromised. A major gap in mobile device security is the administrative access that must be granted when certain applications are installed. Email clients standout since almost everyone reading this has Outlook and other pop3 or IMAP hooks into their phone.

You may only get a brief acknowledgement to grant this access when installing such programs but it provides a huge security gap for bad actors. 

Modern Spyware 

Modern spyware leverages this administrative access to take control over your microphone, camera and calendar and location services. 

If you are an Apple user there is a distinct lack of 3rd party software to protect you because iOS is locked down at the folder level. 

Android devices grant the user more access at the folder level and are easier from a software development standpoint to build security products for. 


Here are some best practice things you can do to protect your privacy

Pay attention to your smartphone

Compromised devices will behave strangely when being remotely accessed. The older generation Apple devices may chirp and briefly display the lock screen for no reason. Ever hear your phone chime while charging?

Unknown Links

 Don’t click links in email from unknown or untrusted sources. Spyware software is often embedded in links and tiny urls. While the link may lead you to a legitimate site the spyware is granted permission to install by your administrative acceptance of clicking the link. 


Smartphones may become inexplicable warm when being remotely accessed or drain the battery when your device features such as microphone are remotely enabled. A popular exploit is to enable the microphone whenever your calendar shows you are in a meeting. 

Enabled Applications

Check to see if you have enabled background programs such as GPS apps or accelerometer-reliant programs for legitimate sources of this problem. But in the absence of such programs you should take note of excessive heat and battery use. Obviously hunting for a tower or wireless signal contributes but a phone that suddenly or oddly starts become warm in locations where it wasn’t before should be looked at. 


Turn off Location services for any application that does not absolutely need it. Opt out when possible when new applications request it. 


Install trustworthy security software when possible. 

Work and Personal Usage

Separate work and personal email and usage on different devices. If you don’t need your Groupon offers on the same phone as your work email then we advise disabling one or the other. 

Email Applications

Consider using webmail instead of discrete mail applications on your mobile devices. 

For Android users direct attachments to be stored on SD chips instead of your internal storage.